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Prototyping is the small scale fabrication of a product concept, manufactured to tangibly demonstrate and validate an idea.


The prototyping process has evolved rapidly over the past decade with revolutionary leaps in manufacturing technologies. Traditionally, prototyping was a relatively slow and arduous process prior to the wide-scale implementation of additive manufacturing technologies and subtractive manufacturing and moulding techniques were used to manufacture the majority of prototypes. These methods heavily rely on multi-step production processes and often incur significant capital investments in custom tooling and workspace. Additive manufacturing has eliminated these limitations whilst providing flexibility with materials, quicker turnaround times and incredibly detailed and functional custom parts.

Prototyping at ANFF Materials


The ANFF Materials Node expands on traditional manufacturing methods with state-of-the-art facilities, materials and cutting-edge equipment implemented by leading researchers, scientists, engineers, and fabrication specialists. we maintain industry-leading expertise in cutting-edge advanced manufacturing methods and allows for the implementation of these technologies to translate ideas and research into tangible prototypes.


Recently the ANFF Materials Node has played major roles in translating research into prototypes for the medical industry.


  • iFixPen medical device: A tool designed for ophthalmologists to treat corneal disease and damage was developed using ANFF resources.

  • 3DREDI: An educational bio-printer is fully conceptualised, designed and manufactured in-house using ANFF facilities.

  • The ANFF supported Translational Research Initiative for Cell Engineering and Printing (TRICEP) have designed and prototyped a novel cancer treatment system with funding from a global oncology business.

  • The ANFF team at the Newcastle Hub has developed a low-cost, robust spectrometry system designed for the Thoroughbred racing industry and underwritten by Agrifutures.

  • As well as start-ups including AquaHydrex and Hysata.

  • GBS: Supporting biosensors manufacturing.


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Prototyping Capabilities


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