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Welcoming ANFF's new CEO

Jane brings an enviable level of experience of ANFF and a strong understanding of the role the network plays within the national research infrastructure landscape. This is complemented by extensive knowledge of national and international academic and industry landscapes.

Prior to joining ANFF, Jane has worked across a number of different sectors including medtech, agricultural science, and research management, with positions being held at Cleveland Biosensors, Teagasc, and with the University of Queensland. In addition to varied technical expertise, Jane has also held various leadership positions including a stint as the President of Women In Technology. She first joined the ANFF network as Business Development Manager for ANFF-Q, before becoming the Node’s Facility Manager in 2016. Jane then transitioned to the HQ team, becoming Chief Operating Officer for the national network in 2019 where she led ANFF through the search for its last CEO.

Following the sudden passing of Dr Ian Griffiths at the end of September, Jane assumed the position of Acting CEO to ensure the network was able to continue to operate smoothly. Recognising her as the right person to take on the role permanently, Jane was formally appointed to the CEO position by the ANFF Board at the end of October.

As CEO, Jane’s role will include providing direction and oversight to ANFF’s national network of 21 sites, 130 staff, and more than 500 capabilities. Building on foundations put in place by ANFF over the past 2 years, she will drive forward on new strategies that will transform ANFF’s ability to support the translation of promising projects. With her deep understanding of ANFF and her desire to see the organisation reach new heights, Jane promises a successful development of the ANFF network that will see it grow and prosper over the coming years.

ANFF’s Chairman, Emeritus Professor Chris Fell said: “The Board of ANFF congratulates Jane and looks forward to working with her. We’re confident that with her at the helm, ANFF will progress through the next stage of its development, expanding its assistance to users in achieving outstanding research outcomes and, where appropriate, in translating that research into technologies and products that directly benefit Australia’s post-COVID economic recovery”.

Dr Jane Fitzpatrick said: “While the circumstances of the CEO position becoming vacant are still raw and sad, I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to lead this unique and inspiring network. Having been involved with ANFF for over 10 years I can see the growth we have made. The Strategic plan we have developed and are working to implement will set ANFF on the pathway to provide even more impact across the Australian economy.”

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