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Seeking the Director of ANFF-C

The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) is a government subsidised, open access network of equipment and expertise focused on building micro and nanotechnologies. Our $500M portfolio of nanofabrication capabilities helps thousands of engineers develop new prototypes, products, and more every year.

With technologies we’ve assisted now maturing on a near daily basis, we’ve expanded the network’s offering to include a new capability platform, ANFF-C, focused on providing out-of-lab support to make the translation of projects easier.

We are now seeking the right person to lead this new endeavour, a Director that will drive ANFF-C and enable our clients to excel in the marketplace. This person will work at the forefront of converting Australia’s great ideas into Australia’s economic benefit.

With an attractive salary package and the opportunity to work across a wide range of industries, this is a dynamic role that will allow the successful applicant to make a real difference to R&D.

View this job opportunity on Seek to find out more.

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