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Meet the Team: Dr Nicolas Nicolaidis

Meet Support Officer, Dr Nicolas Nicolaidis.

After completing his thesis focussed on the optical properties of organic photovoltaics and upscaling their production in 2015 with the Centre for Organic Electronics, he continued to work in the group on industrial projects and continuing to scale up the technology.

For the last decade he has worked alongside the ANFF team, but was more formally incorporated into its structure as a Support Officer in 2019. He typically provides support and expertise to equipment that has an optical component such as the UV-vis spectrometer, fluorimeter, AM1.5 solar simulator, and an external quantum efficiency measurement system. Using these instruments services have been provided both in the academic and industrial arenas.

Additionally, he has delivered projects involving sensing phenomena related to explosive materials and coupling them to sensors built within the Centre for Organic Electronics. In scaling up the organics photovoltaics he has been significantly involved in mechanical prototyping, electronic design, software design and more recently augmented reality to enable the successful delivery of large projects with international impact and significance.

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