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Meet the Team: Daniel Lawrence

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Meet Design Engineer, Daniel Lawrence.

What is your role?

I am Design Engineer based at the Translational Research Initiative for Cell Engineering and Printing (TRICEP), responsible for assisting researchers and commercial clients to realise the full potential of the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. I also operate and maintain the extensive range of advanced manufacturing devices we have at TRICEP.

What is your area of expertise and what kind of experience do you have in this area?

I have acquired a large part of my experience in additive fabrication and industrial design in a fast-paced commercial environment. With my previous employer, I ran an industrial-scale additive manufacturing and design service, providing custom parts to a wide range of commercial clients across Australasia.

Illuminating clients to the possibilities of the latest additive fabrication technologies is where I get a kick. It is so satisfying to be able to incorporate these new technologies to revolutionise a client’s existing workflow and further expand their R&D processes.

What are some of the projects and collaborations you are currently working?

When I commenced at TRICEP, I was tasked with manufacturing a number of microprocessor-controlled testing devices. These devices now aid in producing commercial products with conformance to ISO standards through qualitative and quantitative monitoring and testing.

I am now working with a commercial client who is looking to reshape their radiation therapy treatment process. Their aim is to further develop their existing treatment workflow to be more comfortable for patients undergoing radiation therapy whilst being quicker and safer for all involved. This project has required me to incorporate a number of new and existing manufacturing processes to develop a novel two-part treatment system.

Being able to positively impact the lives of people suffering from cancer has been incredibly rewarding. It has further demonstrated to me how these new additive manufacturing technologies can be used to really improve the quality of people’s lives.

What is the future outlook of these projects?

My work will continue to further evolve and expand these new systems to allow for the ability to treat more forms of cancer. These new systems will hopefully change the way radiation therapy will be delivered on a global scale. I look forward to seeing how these products evolve, how they filter through other medical departments and hearing the real-world stories of patients positively impacted by these new systems.

How is this work being translated into real applications?

At TRICEP, we specialise in translating the latest advanced manufacturing technology into real-world tangible solutions. This technology has allowed me to develop novel products and systems for commercial clients, adding value to their endeavours and improving their service.

All going to plan, the new radiation therapy products will be commercially manufactured and used across the world enhancing the patient experience and the quality of treatment.

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