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Benjamin Filippi and Dr Sepidar Sayyar receive 2020 Frater Awards

ANFF Materials’ Benjamin Filippi and Dr Sepidar Sayyar have both received a 2020 Frater Award, presented to ANFF staff members to enable them to progress their professional careers.

Named after ANFF’s first chairman, Dr Robert Frater AO, the annual awards provide opportunities to the winners to undertake a range of training courses and to help them excel in their field with national or international activities. Both Benjamin and Sepidar will embark on advanced training made possible by the award.

Benjamin will seek experience working with Austrian-based 3D printing and manufacturing company, Lithoz, and will also visit the headquarters of two other renowned laser manufacturers for tours and training in Germany. Sepidar will take up a Product Management Fundamentals course at RMIT University, which will aid him in supporting client projects.

Benjamin Filippi (left) and Dr Sepidar Sayyar (right)

“I would like to extend my congratulations to all the Frater Award winners this year,” said ANFF Chief Operating Officer Jane Fitzpatrick.

“As usual the standard of application was high and we are sure that these awards will bring true value to both our talented staff and the services we offer.”

Two applications from around ANFF were also accepted this year, including a multinode team from Victoria and ACT and a professional officer from Sydney.

The internode team from ANFF-VIC (MCN) and ANFF-ACT (ANU) will experience advanced electron beam lithography operator training in an online format, presented by Raith. The team includes Michael Stuiber, Tatiana Pinedo Rivera, and Guangyuan Si from MCN and Gayatri Vaidya from ANU.

ANFF-NSW’s Jacky He (USyd) will be provided with online training of Python for Klayout CAD design as well as Autocad. This software forms an essential part of a number of micro/nanofabrication practices.

Watch the announcement below and read more about the Frater Award here.

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